Agricultural societies in South Africa identified the need to involve school children in the agricultural sector. The National Agricultural Youth Society was founded in 1999. The primary aim of the Youth Society is to cultivate an affinity for agriculture among the youth, create opportunities for children to participate in extracurricular activities in agriculture, develop a range of skills and encourage teamwork.


To change the way of thinking among the youth of South Africa so they become involved in agriculture in terms of interests, life skills, careers and entrepreneurship, and actively participate in youth shows and actions.


To create an affinity for agriculture within the youth;

To create an opportunity for learners to participate in agricultural related activities on an extracurricular level;

To develop a variety of skills:

To promote teamwork.

Encouraging self-paced learning

To provide new and enjoyable experiences in agriculture

To provide recognition for work well done

To stimulate innovation within the youth through agriculture

To stimulate entrepreneurship agricultural sector in the at a young age.

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Rules and Regulations January 2017