1. To promote awareness of ECASA’s activities to the financial, commercial and agricultural sectors in order to gain sponsorships and to build partnerships.
  2. To encourage sponsors and partners to assist in providing quality shows that will attract the public from the cities and the rural areas to visit these agricultural shows.
  3. In doing so, improving the viability of these agricultural shows.
  4. To build partnerships between farmers and the government, so that together, they can work towards the education and training of emerging farmers, as well as the overall assistance of established farmers.
  5. Using the shows to expose the young, upcoming generation to farming and awaken an interest in this very important sector.
  6. To create a visual impact that E.C.A.S.A member show societies offer at their shows, through a visual presentation, via DVD, flyers etc.
  7. To encourage member show societies to come together on a regular basis and to work together in order to distribute and use sponsorship in such a manner as will best benefit each show society’s needs.
  8. To promote an awareness of agricultural shows in the Eastern Cape and to introduce them to all the role players in the agricultural, commercial and industrial sectors.